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My Little Concierge is the first luxury concierge service dedicated to children.
Our goal? Putting stars in children’s eyes and filling their lives with balloons, confetti and laughter.We know that there isn’t always time to organise day-to-day life or plan special events, so we put our positive attitude, overflowing imagination and demanding standards towards helping your children, up to the age of 18 years.


My Little Concierge offers punctual and regular supervision services both at home and in hotels, in France or anywhere else around the world. My Little Concierge provides academic support and help with homework, arranges safe and smooth travel, and organises incredible events. My Little Concierge accompanies children at their own pace, cultivating their curiosity and sense of wonder.


At My Little Concierge, we think that children deserve the very best; we believe that providing them with an original experience is more valuable than any object, and that extraordinary memories are priceless.We also think that every child deserves to be surrounded by kindness, emotional and physical security at all times, and that happy children become happy adults who create a happy world.